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Tuvalu Car Rental - Car Hire Price Comparison

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Tuvalu: the new eco tourism frontier

Formerly known as the Ellis Island, Tuvalu is an island nation that is located in the South Pacific.  This Polynesian island is located half way between Hawaii and Australia. The island nations that surround this land are Samoa, Fiji, Kiribati, and Nauru. The capital of Tuvalu is Funafuti, whilst the official languages in this state are English and Tuvaluan. This parliamentary democracy is officially headed by a Premier whilst the official head of state is the British Monarch. There are two ethnic groups on this land; Polynesians’, and Micronesians.

Tuvalu in figures

  • 688: the International calling code of this nation.
  • $ 36 Million: the GDP of this state as per the official 2011 estimates. Computed against the total population this works out to some $ 3, 400 per person for the population.
  • 10, 544: the official estimates on the current population as per the 2011 estimates.
  • 1978: the year that this Island nation obtained independence from Britain.
  • 26: the size of the land mass of this country in terms of square kilometers.
  • 8 31 ‘S 179 ’13 E: the co-ordinates of the capital Funafuti.

Interesting facts on Tuvalu

  • The mainspring of this country’s economy is Tourism.
  • Funafuti International Airport is the main airport in Tuvalu.
  • The type of tourism that this country is big on is referred to as: Eco tourism. To support this tourism, the state of Tuvalu has dedicated the Funafuti Conservation Area- an expanse of some 33 square kilometers of Ocean reef, lagoon, and some six uninhabited islands.
  • The transport infrastructure on the island is rather limited – the entire country boasts of only eight kilometers of tarmac road.
  • The country has the rare distinction of being among one of the nations on earth that do not have rail transport.
  • The highest point in this island stands at some 4. 6 meters.
  • On account of rising sea levels that have been attributed to the global warming, the island is being continually sub merged in water. This is a cause of concern, and this is why the Islands political leaders have dedicated themselves to the global warming campaign in ways that are impressive.
  • The education system is free to all citizens and consequently you will find citizens who are well educated.

These are but some of the few interesting gems on this island nation.

Transportation and car hire in Tuvalu

Because the transport system is relatively undeveloped, the best way that one can get here is by air with the airport being the main entry point. You can consult with car hire owners who run a number of car rental companies to avail a car rental for you once you arrive.

The kind of car hire available in Tuvalu mainly involves renting taxis. As you do not pay insurance, this is definitely a cheap car hire alternative. Though this is not the conventional car rental system common in other parts of the world, you can be certain that it works. This is basically a system that redefines what a car hire business is all about, but what is important is that it is reliable.

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